Dr. Richard Watmough was an entomologist and a long-standing member of the Magaliesberg Section of the Mountain Club of South Africa. After his death in 2005, his estate was bequeathed to the Magaliesberg Section. Members of the section established a fund to honour Richard as a conservationist who truly cared about the Magaliesberg.

Aim of the fund: The main aim of the fund is to make a financial contribution towards conservation projects that will benefit the Magaliesberg. Examples of such projects could be:

  • a pocket booklet(s) listing trees, grasses, flowers or birds with descriptions, sketches and where to find them;
  • a pocket booklet listing alien invasive plants and how to identify them;
  • studies on wetlands in the Magaliesberg;
  • Geology of the mountain, etc.

How the fund operates:

The fund will make an annual award (currently R18 000 – subject to change) to a selected conservation project. Any person or organisation interested in a project may apply for the award by submitting a project proposal to the Richard Watmough Conservation Fund (RWCF) Sub-committee. The proposals will be evaluated and the best candidate selected based on the criteria listed below.

The RWCF Sub-committee will arrange payments for project expenses (for example at the start, the halfway mark and at the end of the project) based on the requirements of the project and the recipient. The award recipient will be responsible for the proper use of the funds and will be required to report on the progress of the project according to the project schedule (e.g. at least mid-year and at the end of the project).

The successful candidate will be announced annually each February and may be invited to address the members of the Magaliesberg Section of the MCSA (e.g. at the Annual General Meeting typically held in March). Where appropriate, the MCSA may request recipients to identify the MCSA RWCF as a project funding contributor.


Projects will be evaluated and selected based on the following criteria:

  • Promotion of conservation in the Magaliesberg: Projects can be ‘small’ and do not necessarily have to result in a direct tangible improvement in environmental conditions in the Magaliesberg, but must at least contribute towards an improved understanding of the biodiversity, natural systems and resources of the Magaliesberg and why these should be conserved.
  • Project feasibility: Is the project likely to succeed given the budget, plan and resources involved?
  • Project budget relative to the fund award: The award is typically expected to make a significant, i.e. more than 20%, contribution to the project funding.
  • Project plan and timeline: The project plan should be realistic and generally is expected to be completed within a calendar year.
  • Recipient credentials: Recipients are not necessarily expected to be professionals in any of the natural sciences, conservation or environmental management, but should have the necessary skills, knowledge or experience to ensure that the proposed project objectives are achieved.

Closing date for award: 15 January 2014

How to apply:

Please write a project proposal in the following format:

  1. Project aim: Explain the main theme or aim of the project and give a short description of the project
  2. Motivation: Motivate why the project is required and how the project will contribute to the conservation of the Magaliesberg
  3. Project plan: Outline the main activities and milestones of the project within the planned time frames.
  4. Budget: Provide a breakdown of the total project budget as well as all other sources of funding for the same project
  5. Project organisation: Briefly list the individuals and/or organisations that will be involved in the project as well as their role(s) in the project
  6. CV and references: Provide a brief CV of yourself including experience related to the project, your contact information and include the names, relationships and contact details for two references. If the submission is on behalf of an organisation, the CV of the person that will lead the project as well as a short overview of the organisation must be submitted.

Submit your proposal electronically to:

Christa van Schalkwyk
E-mail address: conservation@mag.mcsa.org.za