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We chose to return to the well-loved Cobham Reserve in the Southern Drakensberg.

July Camp 2024, was designated the National Meet by the National President of the Central Committee of the Mountain Club of South Africa who bestowed a special honour on the July Camp for being the longest continuously running hiking and mountain camp in the annals of the MCSA and, we believe, almost anywhere else in the world.

July Camp was started in 1919, the same year as the independent Natal Mountain Club was founded which later became the KwaZulu-Natal Section of the MCSA.

So, in addition to the customary and well-loved July Camp traditions and events that draw the regulars back year after year, and also attract newcomers every year, there also will be two other specific events that are common to all National Meets. These are the schedule of planned and advertised Day Walks, Overnight Hikes and Climbs, which may even include ice climbs if the weather favours the ice-climbers.

There also will be a National Dinner at the Underberg Country Club on Saturday 6th July 2024.
Cobham offers all walkers, hikers, campers, climbers and mountaineers, regardless of age, a wide range of activities in the Berg ranging from easy to severe. This area is well supplied with caves that offer enticing sub-camping opportunities.

There is an unlimited number of beautiful trips “to there and back” as well as the more defined trips to specific objectives such as some of the closer caves and well-known river pools. Of course, each of these could serve as part of a longer sub-camping trip. If the trip you want to do lacks a convenient cave or caves, then carrying tents is the real “Berging and Backpacking” answer!

Download Info Brochure (contains signup infos and link):

National Meet July Camp 2024 Brochure – Cobham (pdf | 1.13 Mb)

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