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The Mountain Club of South Africa is pleased to announce that the Annual Meeting for 2021 will take place on 17 April 2021 at 9:00 am. In order to reduce the risk and avoid unnecessary travel, this year’s meeting will be a “virtual” meeting (via a Zoom link – to be made available) as was the 2020 meeting which went off very well.

For those members who are unaware of the protocols around this meeting, it is structured in two parts:

A) The Annual General Meeting – is the “formal” procedural part and deals with the necessary “routine” business. This involves the financial report(s), the election of the office bearers for the forthcoming year and any business of a more general nature not dealt with by the National Committee Meeting which follows (see below). Any member in good-standing may attend this meeting. It is generally very short, about 20 minutes, and quite formal.

The office-bearers are elected by the sections and the nominations this year are:

President: Mr Paul Carstensen
Treasurer: Mr Lester Coelen
Secretary: Mrs Jennifer Paterson

B) The National Committee (“NatComm”) meeting – this is the annual get-together of the chairs of all the Sections of the Club and deals with any business of a “national” nature. Any and all issues may be discussed and decisions taken according to the voting protocol in place – which weights the voting by the number of sections and the number of members of each section. Only the chairs of the sections (or their nominees) may attend this meeting plus any invited guests who may contribute to particular discussions.

  • Sections are reminded to please ensure that their Annual Reports are sent to the secretary as soon as possible after their AGMs.
  • Equally, the national sub-committee reports are requested ASAP.

Formal Agendas for both meetings will be sent out in due course.

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