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The Mountain Club of South Africa (MCSA) was founded in 1891 in Cape Town, and is member of the world mountaineering body, the UIAA. The MCSA offers mountaineering which includes climbing of all types and hiking opportunities to its members and is involved in mountain search and rescue, training, conservation of mountain areas and procurement of access for mountaineering.


The Club consists of 14 Sections, geographically distributed. Contact the section nearest to you to join in activities, or for buying permits for different hiking venues, where permits have to be obtained. Membership in the MCSA also happens on Section level, so if you want to become a member please find the section nearest to you. If there is none, maybe consider starting one?


If in trouble in the mountains contact the nearest emergency number as listed here:


UIAA Rules & Regulations – Major Update

November 14th, 2023|Comments Off on UIAA Rules & Regulations – Major Update

The UIAA Ice Climbing Governance Group, in conjunction with the UIAA Athletes Commission and some of the UIAA Officials, have been working hard in the off-season on a major update to the UIAA Ice Climbing [...]

Italian Alpine Silver award goes to the MCSA

September 27th, 2023|Comments Off on Italian Alpine Silver award goes to the MCSA

The 52nd edition of the Silver Plaque to the Mountain Club of South Africa for its all-round commitment to mountain protection. The 52nd edition awarded the silver plaque to the Alpine Club of South Africa, [...]

E-newsletter 2023 09

September 26th, 2023|Comments Off on E-newsletter 2023 09

Download: MCSA September 2023 Newsletter (pdf | 1.97 Mb)

News items of national interest should be sent to news@mcsa.org.za.


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