Mountain Fest 2020 – Paarl-Wellington Mini Camp

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2027-05-09 CANCELLATION OF THE MOUNTAIN FEST 2020 AT PAARL-WELLINGTON Due to Covid 19, we have had to cancel the Mountain Fest 2020. We will reschedule it for 2021. Paarl/Wellington Section is celebrating their 125th anniversary this year. To celebrate we are hosting the MCSA national minicamp: Mountain Fest 2020. Festivities will be held all around [...]

July Camp 2020 – Injisuthi, KZN

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2020-05-09 CANCELLATION OF JULY CAMP 2020 AT INJISUTHI This is the saddest July Camp letter I’ve had to write, but it is inevitable. Due to Covid 19, we have had to cancel July Camp 2020. It is also noted that, at present, Ezemvelo is probably not taking camp site bookings until the end of September. [...]

MCSA Response to COVID-19

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There is no doubt that we are living in difficult times right now. However, we, as the Mountain Club of South Africa, are attempting to do what is possible under the circumstances. We have held the National AGM and the Annual NatComm Meeting via Zoom and both went off very well. FYI, the make-up of [...]

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E-newsletter 2020-05

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1. PRESIDENT’S PIECE 2. COVID-19 REGULATIONS 3. MCSA NATIONA AGM 4. KAZAKHSTAN INTERNATIONAL MOUNTAIN FESTIVAL 5. UIAA 6. FACEBOOK AND WEB PAGES 7. ANY NEWSWORTHY ITEMS 1. PRESIDENT’S PIECE We seem to have got a little bit out of sequence with these sort-of-monthly National Newsletters. Personally, I blame Covid-19 – it seems the easiest thing [...]

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2020 Annual Dinner – Paarl-Wellington

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If you are a member of the Mountain Club you are invited to join the Paarl Wellington Section for the 2020 Annual Dinner of the Mountain Club of South Africa Dress Code: Mountain Smart/Casual RSVP: 16th of April 2020 to Bank: ABSA Branch: 632005 Acc. No: 740141023 Ref: DIN_SURNAME Celebrating 125 Years of Mountaineering [...]

E-newsletter 2020-04

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1. PRESIDENT’S PIECE 2. KAZAKHSTAN INTERNATIONAL MOUNTAIN FESTIVAL 3. UIAA 4. FACEBOOK AND WEB PAGES 5. ANY NEWSWORTHY ITEMS 1. PRESIDENT’S PIECE May you live in interesting times – well, we are certainly doing that! Albeit not in a way that we would choose! Obviously, the Covid-19 pandemic is having a serious impact on our [...]

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E-newsletter 2020-03

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PRESIDENT’S BIT KAZAKHSTAN INTERNATIONAL MOUNTAIN FESTIVAL FELL & ROCK-CLIMBING CLUB JOINT MEET 2020 UIAA FACEBOOK AND WEB PAGES ANY NEWSWORTHY ITEMS SNIPPETS 1. PRESIDENT’S BIT I am feeling somewhat embarrassed at the moment. After all my protestations that I would definitely be standing down after this year is completed – basically at the National AGM [...]

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E-newsletter 2020-02

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PERSONAL NOTE FROM THE PRESIDENT ANNUAL MEMORIAL SERVICE FELL & ROCK-CLIMBING CLUB JOINT MEET 2020 UIAA FACEBOOK AND WEB PAGES ANY NEWSWORTHY ITEMS SNIPPETS PERSONAL NOTE FROM THE PRESIDENT While appreciating that this is not necessarily the “right” place for a personal note, I do feel that in this instance, it might be allowed. As [...]

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UIAA Global Youth Summit – France

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UIAA YOUTH COMMISSION – GLOBAL YOUTH SUMMIT The French Alpine Club, Toulouse, is facilitating another of their highly successful INTERNATIONAL YOUTH ICE CLIMBING Camp, which is held in Guillestre, Hautes Alpes (05), in France. Participants: Youth members aged 16 to 26 years. Participants should lead rock climb at a minimum of 5b French grade, and [...]

E-newsletter 2020-01

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NATIONAL NEWSLETTER – JAUARY 2020 2019 JOURNALS UIAA FACEBOOK AND WEB PAGES ANY NEWSWORTHY ITEMS ___________________________________________________________________________ This is the last call for contributions for the 2019 Journal. Please see the JOURNAL GUIDELINES on the national website , or ask the editor to send you a copy:  email:  . Deadline for contributions is 31 [...]

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