The Club has three awards that it can bestow on members:

  1. The Gold Badge of the Club to members who have significantly furthered the cause of mountaineering and the Objects of the Club in several aspects over a significant period of time.
  2. The Mountain Award to members of the Club for significant achievement in mountaineering and/or climbing, whether over an extended period of time or for a single outstanding achievement.
  3. The President’s Award to members of the Club who have rendered exceptional service to the Club over an extended period of time and/or have made an exceptional contribution in a specific field of the Club’s activities.
  4. Honorary Life Membership of the Club can also be awarded to any such Award recipient described above.

The following Awards can be made to non-members of the Club:

  1. The Mountain Award for outstanding achievements in mountaineering and/or rock climbing.
  2. The President’s Award to any individual who has made a special contribution to the activities of the Club or has furthered the cause of mountaineering and the Objects of the Club.
  3. Honorary Membership of the Club to recipients of the President’s Award, if the individual’s association with the Club extends over a significant period of time, and to other persons the Club may wish to honour.

Award Recipients

Gold Badges Awarded
2008 Andy de Klerk
2002 Dr Edmund February
1999 Adv François Junod
1996 Lester Coelen
1993 Brian (“Porky”) Harris
1993 W André Schoon
1991 Piet J van Zyl
1987 Kathleen (Kay) Nixon
1986 E (Eddie) Lude
1986 J Hans Graafland
1986 L Paul Fatti
1986 Ludwig Abel
1985 HM (Tut) Trainor
1984 Henri Snijders
1984 Michael J Scott
1984 Peter Heugh
1982 Claude W Katz
1982 Herman Ackermann
1982 Peter S Paterson
1982 Robin L Forsyth
1982 Ryno S Verster
1977 George A v L Jordaan
1977 Ralph G Taylor
1977 S Erik Witt
1977 VJ (Pim) Penso
1975 Dr Sherman H Ripley
1975 O Brian Godbold
1974 Ernst van der Spuy Lotz
1974 Wilhelmina (Wil) F Möller
1973 Brian M Quail
1973 Joan Quail
1972 Harry James Barker
1972 Robert F Davies
1972 Schalk W Theron
1970 Jacobus (Jim) FR de Villiers
1967 Colin J Inglis
1965 Arthur H Doble
1964 Charles E Axelson
1962 Doyle P Liebenberg
1961 Dorothy Robbins
1956 WH Crump
1955 James M Klosser
1955 Prof G Maurice Sweeney
1951 Prof RH Compton
1949 CFL Bybee
1945 Russel E Anson-Cook
1938 E Stanley Field
1937 A Bert Berrisford
1936 Florence Humphries
1935 Frank Berrisford
1932 Dr SH Haughton
1931 Col RW Hallack
1924 Dr Keppel Harcourt Barnard
1923 Dr D Bennie Hewat
1923 Kenneth White
1916 Kenneth Cameron
1914 William C West
1913 A Handel Hamer
1912 George T Amphlett
1907 Dr R Marloth
1906 Alfred M Thorpe
1906 George F Travers-Jackson
1899 E A Heath
1897 Sir James Sivewright
1897 William T Hoal
1896: Gothar C Mann
1895: Izak Meiring

Honorary Membership
1998 Prof Kader Asmal
1958 Sir Edmund Hillary

Mountain Award
2023 John Black
2023 Warren Eva
2007 Ulrike Kiefer
2007 Alard Huefner

President’s Award
2019 Rikki Abbott Wedderburn
2012 Neil Margetts
2009 Derek Odendaal
2009 Jenny Paterson
2005 Petro Grobler
2004 Greig Stewart

Honorary Life Membership
1996 Prof Paul Fatti
1993 Miss E Esterhuizen
1993 Mr P Attenborough
1993 Prof. E Axelson
1993 Mr R Gooden