Confederation of African Mountain Clubs

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The Confederation of African Mountain Clubs (CAMC) was brought into being two years ago on the initiative of the MCSA. The basic idea is to allow the smaller African clubs access to the wider world of climbing through interaction and through the MCSA’s membership of the UIAA. It should be noted that the UIAA fees are somewhat out of reach for these smaller clubs. These clubs are:

While progress has been somewhat desultory, certain actions have taken place.

  • “Pan-African Meet” – in Uganda in2019 which several MCSA members attended. By all accounts a great success. The 2020 version will be in Malawi.
  • Reciprocal rights – this has proved tricky as of course, many of the huts in East Africa, for example, are actually owned by the National Parks in those countries. However, advances have been made and Malawi has been very much to the fore in allowing MCSA and the other clubs’ members use of the equipment that they store in the forestry huts on Mlanje.
  • Exchange visits – while somewhat informal, MCSA members have been materially assisted in their visits to East African mountains while MCU members in particular have been entertained in South Africa.

The CAMC is in its infancy but it is in all our interests to see that it survives and thrives.

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