“When we reach the mountain summits we leave behind all the things that weigh heavily on our body and our spirit. We leave behind all sense of depression; we feel a new freedom, a great exhilaration of the body no less than the spirit.”Jan Christiaan Smuts

Expedition Fund

At times, under the auspices of the MCSA, expeditions are organised by members of the Club to various remote and often unexplored areas. Over the years, expeditions have taken place in the Himalayas, South America, China and even places such as Antarctica.

The MCSA has an expedition fund, part of which is made available to a deserving party or expedition. Along with providing financial assistance to expeditions the MCSA is also providing some expedition equipment. Currently this includes, 2-way radios, a Thuraya satellite phone, along with hardware such as, carabiners, pitons and other equipment that may not always be part of one’s personal kit.

Application forms can be downloaded below.

EXP1A Guideline for Applicants (doc, 92Kb)
EXP2A Application Form (doc, 87Kb)
EXP3A Feedback from Expeditions (doc, 87Kb)