Chimanimani is a mountainous area situated in the eastern highlands of Zimbabwe. The region is distinguished by large quartzite peaks, carved from a rifted quartzite block, the highest reaching to 2,440 m and stretching for some 50 km, forming the border with Mozambique. It is one of Zimbabwe’s wildest and finest mountain wilderness areas and a very popular hiking destination. The nature is unspoiled and at its best, with breathtaking and picturesque landscapes as you explore the area. There are mountains to climb, valleys and gorges to hike, rock paintings and waterfalls to feast your eyes on, and natural pools to swim in. Add to it forests, some unique plant species and wild animals, and it becomes a nature lover’s paradise.

Chimanimani is known as Zimbabwe’s best kept secret, but it needn’t be this way! Come join us on this meet for the truly adventurous by exploring its challenging overnight hiking trails and spectacular climbs, by doing caving, potholing or kayaking, or just enjoy its peace and tranquillity in a relaxed manner by taking leisurely day hikes. This meet has got some activities for all tastes!

General Provisional Programme:

Day 1 Sunday 24/9/17: Arrival @ base camp, Chimanimani area. Day 2 Monday 25/9/17: Briefing & welcoming braai (late afternoon). Day 3 – 5 Tuesday to Thursday 26 – 28/9/17: 1, 2 & 3 day hiking, climbing & bouldering. Day 6 Friday 29/9/17 Rest & recreation; caving / potholing; kayaking & dinner. Day 7 – 9 Saturday to Monday 30/9 – 02/10/17: 1, 2 & 3 day hiking, climbing & bouldering. Day 10 Tuesday 03/10/17 Visit to Chirinda Forest & farewell function @ base camp. Day 11 Wednesday 04/10/17: Departure & own itinerary.

Added Bonus Event:

MCSA Annual Dinner 2017 presented by the Magaliesberg Section! On your way up to Zimbabwe, join the MCSA Annual Dinner on 23 September 2017 in Pretoria during which the Magaliesberg Section will celebrate its 50th Birthday.

Bookings, costs & more details for the Chimanimani meet & annual dinner will be made known soon.

General Enquiries: Etienne Step Tel +27 72 242 0864 Email

Interested parties are requested to send an email to Etienne, giving provisional personal particulars, contact details, type of activity interested in, accommodation preferences (i.e. dormitory accommodation, lodges / chalets or camping), mode of transport (i.e. by road or fly-in to Harare), intended period of stay, etc., so that provisional planning can be made based on the provided information.