🏔️ **Celebrating the “ICAR – International Mountain Rescue Day” on August 28** 🏔️

Many years ago, specifically on the weekend of August 28 and 29, 1948, mountain rescue experts convened upon the invitation of the Austrian Alpine Club.

During this conference at Wilder Kaiser, experiences, knowledge, and technology were exchanged.

This pivotal gathering led to the founding of ICAR (International Commission for Alpine Rescue) in 1955, and it strengthened the international network and community of mountain rescuers.

August 28 therefore marks a significant day in the history of the international mountain rescue efforts.

With the International Mountain Rescue Day as introduced by ICAR in 2022, we celebrate the spirit of community, progress, and the commitment of all those people who dedicate themselves to the safety of others in the mountains.

As a proud member of ICAR, we THE MOUNTAIN CLUB OF SOUTH AFRICA is honored to share and celebrate this legacy. Join us in marking this special day and upholding the tradition and dedication of mountain rescue!