The 2019 version of the (hopefully) now annual Pan-African Meet was hosted by the Mountain Club of Malawi and Mount Mulanje being the venue. By all accounts, it was a great success and certainly our members who attended had a very good time.

Norman Owen-Smith sent us a couple of paragraphs:

The 2nd Pan-African Mountain Clubs meet took place on Mount Mulanje during the first week of September 2019, hosted by Maggie O’Toole on behalf of the Mountain Club of Malawi. It was attended by 8 representatives from Zimbabwe and 4 from MCSA, plus various people coming and going from Malawi. Everything was organised – transport from Blantyre, permits, fees, guides, porters, cook and food. A “Grand Traverse” hiking around the mountain massif covered about 80 km over 7 days. The group stayed in a hut each night and had the option of ascending a peak each morning, before hiking on to the next hut. The highest of these peaks was Sapitwa, at 3003 metres, the highest eminence between the Drakensberg and Kilimanjaro. One night was spent camped in the open on a sandy beach below a huge pool. The meet was extremely well organised and very rewarding with its combination of hiking, dipping into pools and climbing up to great views presenting numerous enticing peaks. The guides and porters were knowledgeable and professional. Special thanks go to Maggie O’Toole for all of the work she put into organising it so successfully.