Over the last 5 years Anthony Hall has been an up and coming member of the MCSA Cape Town Section, particularly in his role as a team leader within the Mountain Rescue Team. In 2010 he approached Jeremy Colenso (B.Soc.Sci. LLB. Advocate High Court of South Africa; Solicitor England and Wales; Certified Mountain Guide WC6088) regarding some ideas he had for a M.Phil thesis he was working on towards his degree at UCT in Environmental Management. Jeremy’s work on the UIAA Access Commission had identified certain deficiencies in the tools they had at their disposal to solve access problems on a global basis. There had been little work done to identify the intellectual bedrock of certain anecdotal concepts like ‘the right to roam’ and in particular how this squared with common law and codified legal systems across the world. Anthony had the funding and the time to research this and was therefore encouraged to canvass these issues during the course of the project.

The result is a very readable document which will be of practical use to all members of the UIAA who wish to negotiate access arrangements to privately held land in their own countries. The UIAA Access Commission officially adopted it at their last meeting in Chile in April 2012, an event which maintains the MCSA as probably the most active English-speaking Federation outside of Europe contributing to the affairs of the UIAA.

Anthony’s thesis is hosted on the UCT server/website and can be found on the following link.