By all accounts, July Camp 2022 at Injisuthi was a great success after no July Camps for two years due to Covid.

The Injisuthi Camp Site is superbly laid out and well-tended, and the view up the valley to the Escarpment is magnificent! All small contributors to the event running at capacity!

The weather was superb. Every day was a perfect Winter’s day – sunny and bright – while the nights were crisp and cold. But we had very good campfires and a variety of hot suppers. What more could we possibly want?

Campers could choose to go on sub-camp trips, day walks, organised and guided outings or have a day at the river birdwatching or fishing or swimming. One camper who was recuperating from major surgery came to camp to work on her recuperation programme. It was impressive to see the strides she made while at the camp.

But July Camp does not just happen. Behind this remarkable and very enjoyable success was a team of stalwarts. Graham Smith (KZN Section) worked from one July Camp to another, thinking and planning, perfecting the design of the equipment as well as sourcing firewood. Carolyn Higgs multi-tasked on the menu, the food lists and the brochure. Graeme Bruschi provided the beautiful photographs which enhanced to brochure. Lesley McGwynne, our overseas correspondent, handled the bookings and the attendance lists with aplomb. New young supporters, Malikah Matz Parker and Romi Reinecke, both from the Johannesburg Section, made significant contributions.

Also new to advance party were Roger Paul and Henry Coppens, also from the Johannesburg Section, who contributed in countless ways from the very beginning of the advance party in a number of technical ways and then during the camp by providing the new look hi-tech Camp fire sing songs.

We were delighted to welcome regular advance party member, Rev Kev Roberston who, as always, was just where help was needed and knew exactly what needed to be done.

As before, we were ably assisted by our regular July Camp co-workers of the Ndlovu clan from far off Rookdale; Vusi, Jabulani, Xolani and Moses. Sadly, on this occasion, Vusi was not at all well and could not make it. We must record our very sincere thanks to Jabulani, Xolani and Moses who very capably shouldered the extra load.

Also very helpful at the breaking up of camp were new members, Etienne Step and Marilla Vorster of the Magaliesberg Section.

July Camp would not take place at all were it not for the extremely generous support of Mr Paul Henderson of ASP Rope Access who sponsors the transport of all the equipment and the food from Howick to base camp at the start of the advance party and then back to Howick after the camp. Our very real and abundant thanks are due to him and his gracious support.

Speaking of the future, both Graham and Rikki feel that the time is approaching when they should hand over the reins of July Camp which they plan to do after July Camp 2024.

Graham and Rikki hope that the innovations they have introduced, and many others will continue to introduce, will keep July Camp the popular, relevant event it has always been for the past 100+ years.